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Boot Camp diary 6: Exercise success

Boot Camp diary 6: Exercise success

Healthy Food Guide staffer and mother of two, Kirsty Donovan is (or was) a self-confessed avoider of exercise. Then she was offered the chance to do Fitness Evolved’s Boot Camp.

“I very nearly said no, just because I thought it would be logistically too hard – family, work, all those normal excuses,” she says. “But I knew that I needed to do it, so I said yes. That was the start of not coming up with excuses.

“With the first Boot Camp programme, the physical changes were undeniable and the emotional changes were massive. I broke through mental barriers I have had all my life.”

Kirsty’s tips

Exercising as part of a group makes you accountable

“At Boot Camp, we paired up,” says Kirsty. “We sent a ‘rise and shine’ text to each other at 5.30am and if our partner didn’t show, there were consequences: we had to do extra push-ups or sit-ups!”

Excuses go away once you begin to experience success

“The first time the alarm goes off at 5.30am and it’s raining, you have to make yourself go and do it… and you survive. So next time the ‘but it’s raining’ excuse pops up, you can remind yourself: ‘I’ve done it before in the rain and it wasn’t that bad’.”

Excuses are short-term

“The trick is to refocus on further down the track,” says Kirsty. “Focus on the long-term benefits of making the changes you are trying to make.”

The past is just that – the past

“Maybe you were teased as a primary school kid for always being last in the running race so you’ve always thought ‘I’m not a runner’. Through Boot Camp I proved that I can run five or six kilometres. It is possible to become something you never thought you could be.”

June 2011

First published: Sep 2012

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