Fruit-filled choux puffs

Fruit-filled choux puffs

Serves: 10 (makes 10-12)
Time to make: 1 hr 30 mins , plus 1 hr 30 mins cooling

Total cost: $ 9.84 / $ 0.98 per serve

(at time of publication)


  • You can make a larger choux ring by drawing a circle about 24cm on a sheet of non-stick greaseproof paper. Place the teaspoons of choux mixture onto the circle to fill it evenly. Cook as above for 10 minutes longer at both stages. Fill with fruit yoghurt and a selection of fruits.
  • For a richer cream filling, use equal amounts of fruit yoghurt with reduced-fat soft cheese in the puffs.

HFG tip

A good wooden spoon is a great investment as it is essential for lots of basic cooking techniques like choux pastry. Have one for sweet recipes and another for savoury dishes to avoid transferring strong odours and flavours to the wrong dishes!

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Photographer: Joanna Wickham

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