Preserved peaches

Time to make: 1 hr

Preserved peaches
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Use the same method to preserve the following fruits:

  • Apricots: wash, cut into halves and remove the stone.
  • Pineapple: peel and slice removing tough core or cut into chunks.
  • Plums: wash and cut into halves, remove the stone or leave whole.
  • Pears: peel, cut into halves or quarters and remove core.

HFG tip

  • Make sure every utensil is sterilised and that the jar, seal, fruit and syrup are scalding hot. If your seal does not form a vacuum when cool, the filling was not hot enough. Remove the seal and reheat in boiling water. Place the full jar in the microwave and heat until the filling is boiling hot. Pour boiling water into the top of the jar until it overflows (yes, over the top of the existing fruit and syrup; you are just topping up and ensuring a good seal).
  • Replace the seal in the manner described above.

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Thanks, you're good to go!


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