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Bought vs homemade: Popcorn

Popcorn reminds us of movies, parties and celebrations. There’s so much variety, but which option is healthier?


Pams Natural Microwave Popcorn

Ingredients: Popcorn (72%), palm oil, salt



Pop’n’Good Popping Corn

Ingredients: Popping corn

Nutrition information per 33g serve

(3 tablespoons corn, makes approximately 2 1/2 cups)

The homemade popcorn is lower in energy (kilojoules), fat, saturated fat and sodium, with more protein and fibre.

Compared with Pams Natural Microwave Popcorn, the Pop’n’Good Popping Corn has:

  • 22% fewer kJ
  • 80% more protein
  • 85% less fat
  • 95% less saturated fat
  • 100% less sodium
  • 39% more fibre

The Pop’n’Good Popping Corn is the better choice. Not only is it lower in kJ, saturated fat and sodium, it contains more protein and fibre.

A check of the ingredients list shows that Pams Natural Microwave Popcorn is 72 per cent popcorn, with added palm oil and salt.

The thing is, both options may tempt us to eat more than the 2 1/2 cup serve. Once the microwave bag is open, the whole lot can be gone before you know it!

Popping plain popcorn yourself means you’re in control of the amount cooked and what is added to it. If nothing is added, it’s a tasty, healthy snack. If you’re adding salt and butter, it won’t be.