Everyday choices: Bought lunch

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Everyday choices: Bought lunch

Most of us get caught out sometimes. We need food now! Here’s a comparison of two quick and easy bought lunch options.

200g beef and cheese pie

2340kJ (557cal); 18.4g protein; 30.6g fat; 15.5g saturated fat; 52.3g carbs; 882mg sodium; around $3.50


Six-piece sushi combo

260g with 10ml soy sauce sachet 1750kJ (417cal); 11.4g protein; 12g fat; 2.5g saturated fat; 66g carbs; 1070mg sodium; around $8.00
Compared with the pie, the sushi has:

  • 25% fewer kilojoules
  • 38% less protein
  • 84% less saturated fat
  • 26% more carbs
  • 21% more sodium
  • And there’s more food – it’s 30% weightier

This pie has around 65 per cent of the upper amount of saturated fat we’d want to have in an 8700kJ day. Choosing a potato-top pie instead will cut that back.

The sushi seems a better choice but there are fish-hooks here, too. With 1070mg sodium, we’re getting 47 per cent of the recommended upper daily limit. Skip the soy sauce and you could cut that to 630mg.

As a meal, neither of these is likely to keep you going to your next meal. The sushi is low in protein, which makes it less sustaining, and the pie is only 200g of food, which is very little (especially for 2340kJ).

Our pick? We’d go with the sushi, maybe add some edamame on the side to keep us going longer, and make sure we had loads of veges at the next meal (and remember to bring leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch).

First published: April 2017

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