How much energy is in that cracker snack

How much energy is in that cracker snack

Healthy Food Guide takes a look at which cracker and topping combos will satisfy for longer.

Feeling hungry between meals and looking for something filling? Choosing crackers with hummus or cheese can be an easy way to fill up. We looked at 10 popular crackers to see how much energy we’d find in a snack-sized serving of crackers with three different toppings.

We ignored the packet serve size and looked at what we’d actually eat. Which was just as well, because we found, sometimes, the serving size stated on the packet was over-sized for the snack we needed. Lighter rice crackers are lower in energy and we need a few more to fillup. The higher-energy crackers were stuffed with seeds and fibre, giving a delicious, chewy and filling snack in only three or four crackers.

Watching your weight? Choose a snack with around 600kJ or less. For others, 700kJ-800kJ is fine, while active people will likely need more.

Some cracker snacks we found:

Any product examples given here were correct at time of publication. However, remember to check the ingredients and nutrition information every so often, as these can change over time

Deli Thins Garlic & Herbs
111kJ in 5 crackers (9g)
Seaweed Flavour Rice Crackers
137kJ in 5 crackers (9g)
Multigrain Brown Rice Crackers
138kJ in 4 crackers (8g)
Olina’s Wafer Crackers
No Gluten Turmeric
148kJ in 4 crackers (9g)
Sriracha Flavoured Rice Crackers
163kJ in 5 crackers (9g)
Signature Range
Original Snack Crackers
251kJ in 4 crackers (13g)
Wellaby’s Crispy Crackers
Parmesan & Sun Dried Tomato
258kJ in 4 crackers (14g)
Pams Garden Vegetable
Light and Crispy Crackers
277kJ in 3 crackers (14g)
180 Degrees
Cumin 4 Seed Oat Crackers
296kJ in 3 crackers (16g)
Health discovery
Super Food Nutrient Crackers Paleo Four Seeds
315kJ in 3 crackers (14g)
First published: Mar 2019

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