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How much omega-3 is in that fish?

Not just brilliant brain food, omega-3 is a significant player in heart health. And fish is the best way of getting these essential fatty acids.

We’re encouraged to eat fish two to three times a week to reduce our risk of heart disease. The magic nutrients in fish are long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. These help protect against heart disease by reducing inflammation and blood clots, lowering blood pressure slightly and reducing one of the fats in the blood, triglycerides. Oily fish, such as salmon, fresh tuna, mackerel and herring, are a better source of long-chain omega-3 than white fish.

NOTE: We get most of our long-chain omega-3 from fish. Some plant foods contain short-chain omega-3, which is also healthy, but has very limited conversion to long-chain omega-3.

To protect against heart disease, the daily recommended intake of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids is:

  • men 0.61g (610mg)
  • women 0.43g (430mg)

Here’s what some of our favourite fish products deliver toward our daily recommended intake.

(Products listed in order of lowest to highest omega-3 content)

Countdown Tuna Chunks in Springwater

0.1g omega-3 per 72g serve

Sealord New Zealand Hoki Fish Cakes

Potato & Leek
0.2g omega-3 per 120g serve

Sealord TunaLite in Spring Water

Sundried Tomato & Basil
0.2g omega-3 per 90g serve

Birds Eye Homestyle Salmon Cakes

Vegetables & Herb
0.2g omega-3 per 80g serve

Fresh tarakihi

0.3g omega-3 per 125g fillet

Sealord Lemon, Sesame & Ginger Tuna

0.9g omega-3 per 110g serve

John West Tuna & Beans

Capsicum, Sweetcorn, Red Kidney Beans & Chilli
1.0g omega-3 per 185g serve

John West Wild Canadian Red Salmon

1.2g omega-3 per 79g serve

Brunswick Wild Sardines in Spring Water No Added Salt

1.3g omega-3 per 84g serve

Fresh tuna

1.5g omega-3 per 125g fillet

Countdown Mackerel

1.6g omega-3 per 55g serve

Brunswick Original Kippers

1.9g per 85g serve

Date modified: 19 April 2018
First published: May 2018


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