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How much sodium is in that cheese?

Cheese is a delicious and versatile source of protein, calcium and B vitamins, but can also be quite salty. Brigid Chun investigates how much sodium your favourite cheese contains.

We know some cheeses are high in saturated fat, but may not be aware that some cheeses can be very high in sodium too. Cheese is easy to munch on, so keeping an eye on the sodium content is important.

We have compared the sodium content of a 25g serve of cheese to the recommended upper daily limit of 2300mg.

(Products listed in order of lowest to highest sodium content)

Meadow Fresh Crème Fraiche

8mg sodium per 25g
= 0% of daily sodium

Perfect Italiano Ricotta

46mg sodium per 25g
= 2% of daily sodium

Anchor Cottage Cheese

88mg sodium per 25g
= 4% of daily sodium

Meadow Fresh Cream Cheese

150mg sodium per 25g
= 7% of daily sodium

Signature Range Edam Cheese

171mg sodium per 25g
= 7% of daily sodium

Ferndale Parmesan

177mg sodium per 25g
= 8% of daily sodium

Alpine Tasty Cheese

179mg sodium per 25g
= 8% of daily sodium

Mainland Reduced Fat Cheddar Noble

182mg sodium per 25g
= 8% of daily sodium

Ornelle Goat’s Milk Feta

305mg sodium per 25g
= 13% of daily sodium

Lemnos Cyprus Style Haloumi

345mg sodium per 25g
= 15% of daily sodium

Axelos Cyprus Style Halloumi

750mg sodium per 25g
= 33% of daily sodium

Adella Buffalo Feta

1974mg sodium per 25g
= 86% of daily sodium

Date modified: 11 January 2018
First published: Jan 2018


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