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What to do with yoghurt

Woman eating yoghurt

Need a calcium boost? Yoghurt is a healthy way to help meet your daily calcium targets and benefit from gut-friendly probiotics.  But you may be wondering what to do with yoghurt, other than having it on your breakfast cereal or straight from the pottle. Here are 10 quick, tasty ways to use yoghurt in your cooking.

1 Olé Mexico!

In place of sour cream, mix thick Greek-style yoghurt and a squeeze of lime juice. Add a dollop over burritos and tacos.

2 Creamy treat!

Blitz 200ml of reduced-fat milk with two tablespoons of yoghurt and a frozen banana.

3 Snack saviour

Pair unsweetened yoghurt with passionfruit pulp or fresh or frozen berries for a no-fuss between-meals bite.

4 Hot potato

For velvety mashed potato without loads of butter and cream, add a dollop of Greek-style yoghurt instead.

5 Top that!

Replace the mayonnaise in your fridge door with a tasty mixture of yoghurt and Dijon mustard. It’s the perfect accompaniment to grilled salmon or steak.

6 Pasta perfection

Do you love rich and creamy pasta, but want to minimise saturated fat and kilojoules? Simply use yoghurt in place of cream!

7 Marinade magic

Take mid-week grilled chicken from zero to hero with a yoghurt-based marinade. Whisk yoghurt, olive oil and lemon juice together with garlic, oregano and parsley.

8 Awesome sauce

Make your own labneh by straining yoghurt through a couple of layers of cheesecloth. It’s delicious on toast, in grainy salads or with baked eggs.

9 Buon appetito!

For a healthier pizza slice, combine yoghurt and wholemeal self-raising flour, then knead before shaping into pizza dough.

10 Dress it up!

Tired of the same old salad dressing? Blitz yoghurt, avocado and lemon juice to boost your greens with a shot of calcium and heart-healthy fats.

Date modified: 23 September 2020
First published: Sep 2020


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