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Let’s do something about obesity, type 2 diabetes and dental health today

We’ve been hearing for a while now the alarming reports of what excess sugar consumption is doing to our health, and the health of our children. We’ve covered it extensively over the past few years in Healthy Food Guide.

We’ve got together with other people and organisations working to help Kiwis be healthier, including the Heart Foundation; the NZ Dental Association; Diabetes NZ and Dietitians NZ.

We are calling on the government to introduce a tax on sugary drinks, with the revenue raised going to nutrition promotion and education.

This is something that’s been recommended by a huge number of health professionals and organisations, and it’s been adopted by many countries including the UK. We think it’s time for us to be brave and do the same here in New Zealand, for the sake of our kids.

This is not THE answer to the obesity crisis, but it is one piece of the puzzle that could make a real difference.

If you’re in support, we’d love you to sign and share the petition. If you’d like to know more about why we’re doing this, read my blog post here.

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Date modified: February 16 2021
First published: Mar 2016

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