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October: 10 things we learnt

October: 10 things we learnt

10 things we learnt while researching the October 2019 issue.

Researchers have investigated whether using a nasal spray containing insulin might help people with suspected type 3 diabetes. What is 3 type diabetes?

The Global Burden of Disease study found low intake of whole grains was one of the top dietary risk factors responsible for around 3 million deaths globally. A day of whole grains.

A recent study found there was far less collagen in commercially produced bone broth than the potentially therapeutic dose of 20g that can be found in collagen supplements. A guide to bone broths.

The brain may trigger more weight gain during stressful times. How to shift stubborn kilos.

A proposed Food Code change means we can expect to see pregnancy warning labels on alcohol become commonplace by early next year. Pregnancy warning labels on alcohol.

New research shows insulin sensitivity is reduced after only four nights of sleep being cut to 4.5 hours. What is 3 type diabetes?

A study has found small, regular increases in activity helped people lose weight and keep it off. How to shift stubborn kilos.

The amount of energy in some smoothies can equate to a full meal. Shopping traps: smoothies.

Adding pearl barley to your meals is a great way to help you meet your daily fibre target. How much fibre is in those grains?

Some stir-in sauces contain up to three-quarters of our recommended maximum daily limit of sodium. How to choose stir-in sauces.

First published: Oct 2019

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