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Eight tips to lower your cholesterol

Not sure where to start? Here are some easy ways to lower your cholesterol.

1. If you’re overweight, getting down to an appropriate weight for your height is probably your first priority. So your diet needs to contain fewer kilojoules (calories) than you are currently eating.

2. Start reading labels. Lower your saturated fat intake as well as taking note of the kilojoules. Choose foods with lower saturated fat and lower sugars, and compare like products to find the best one for you.  It will take you longer to get around the supermarket for a while, but once you’ve found the products for you, you can stick with them.

3. Fill up on vegetables and those ‘good-for-you’ carbohydrates. Think wholegrain breads and cereals; rice and pasta; and oats and cereals without added sugars.

4. Include whole fruit in your diet – aim for two serves daily.

5. Eat a few nuts (almonds or walnuts) every day as they’ve been shown to improve your cholesterol profile.

6. Trim all excess fat from meats, and use low-fat cooking methods. For example grill or bake rather than fry and use spray oil when sauteing.

7. Include fish in your diet but don’t spoil it by deep frying!

8. Include high fibre beans in your diet: have baked beans on toast (wholegrain of course) or add cannelini and other beans to casseroles and soups.


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