6 steps for fitness success

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6 steps for fitness success

Top tips to keep your health and fitness goals achievable over the new year.

Whatever you do this year, I hope you make time for your health through staying physically active. You owe it to yourself and your people to look after yourself. Here are my six top tips to set your health and fitness on the right course for success over the coming year.

Find what lights your fitness fire. If you’ve hated running since that first school cross country, don’t put yourself through hell on a weekly basis just because it’s what you think you should be doing. Go easy on yourself because there are so many different options to look after your fitness needs. From hula hooping to break dancing, pick something you enjoy.

  1. Take on one fitness goal at a time and work your way to ticking it off. Once you have completed a goal, move on and make another one. While we think we’re great multi-tasking agents, when we have too much on our plates, we aren’t able to be fully present. I’m a big fan of goal setting because goals help provide motivation and impetus to get moving.
  2. Schedule fitness check-in appointments on your smartphone calendar. Are you getting a daily dose of movement? If not, make some schedule changes to ensure you look after yourself so you can, in turn, look after others.
  3. Lock in an active adventure this year. A few years ago, my cousins and I did the Tongariro Crossing and it was a great day out for everyone. I’m committing to another family adventure this year, so we can all support each other in the lead-up and enjoy the mission together.
  4. Meditation has been a constant for me in 2018 and has really allowed me to be more present, not only when I’m active, but also in all areas of my life. My favourite meditation app is Headspace, but there are lots of other options for you to investigate.
  5. Always remember… you are stronger than you think, so be awesome!


Shoulder stretch

Stand with your back and heels against the wall. Position your arms with your elbows out sideways from your body and your hands pointing outwards from the wall.

Rotate your arms upwards so you’re in a stop sign position. When you do this movement, you want to try to keep your back touching the wall.
Sit up rotation

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms extended upwards.

Leading with your hands, lift your trunk upwards and across to your left knee. Lower back to the starting position and repeat to your right.
First published: Jan 2019
Last updated: October 21, 2020
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