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Barbecue bites

Go beyond greasy burgers and blackened snags — give your next summer barbie a healthy burst of flavour and colour.

Stone fruit

Caramelise juicy peach and nectarine halves on the grill for 2-3 minutes each side. Add them to a light summer salad or serve with low-fat yoghurt for dessert.


Place half a pitted avocado flesh-side down on the grill plate, leaving the skin on. After a few minutes, take it off, scoop out the smoky flesh and season with chilli, lemon zest and fresh coriander for instant warm guacamole!


It sounds crazy, but it works. Add smoky flavour by cutting a head of cos lettuce in half, spraying it with olive oil and grilling it flat-side down for 3-4 minutes or until grill marks appear.


Wait, what? It’s true! Try heating a square of this summer fruit on a grill pan with a light spray of olive oil. Once slightly cooked, serve it with crumbled reduced-fat feta, baby rocket and balsamic vinegar.


Heat softens the sourness of lemons, giving them a sweet, mellow flavour that complements fish and vegetables.


Dessert, anyone? Finish a barbecue lunch with grilled pineapple wedges dusted with cinnamon or drizzled with honey for an extra-sweet touch.


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