Extreme makeover: Fish and chips

A Friday night family favourite – especially with the kids. Here's how to make your fish and chips less guilty.

  • Choose crumbed or pan-fried fish if your takeaway offers it.

  • Or cook your own fish using frozen, crumbed portions which are convenient and tasty.

  • Check the type of oil used to cook your fish and chips. Rice bran oil or high-oleic sunflower oil or high-oleic, low-linolenic canola oil are better than generic 'vegetable oil'. Look out for the Heart Foundation's 'Tips on Chips' posters that show they're making an effort to fry more healthily.

  • Consider buying only the fish and making oven fries at home.

  • Add a salad to your meal to boost the vege content and balance out your plate.

First published: Jun 2007

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