Extreme makeover: Quiche

Cheese, eggs, ham and pastry can mean quiche is not great on the fat and kilojoule front…

To make quiche and other eggy, cheesy dishes a bit healthier:

  • Use low-fat feta cheese and grated parmesan in your quiche recipe instead of the high-fat Swiss cheeses.
  • If you make a quiche with pastry, use a supermarket pastry made with vegetable oil, not butter, or use filo pastry.
  • Be careful when using low-fat dairy products in your quiche as they do curdle more easily. Use flour to help set the egg mix.
  • Replace cream in a traditional quiche with lite sour cream.
  • Experiment with the quantity of eggs in your favourite quiche recipe and try replacing some of the whole eggs with egg whites.
  • Pump up the flavour in quiche with fresh herbs like tarragon, coriander and oregano and spices like nutmeg or cumin.
First published: Jun 2007

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