Get set to reset!

HFG 30-Day Reset

Congratulations on your commitment to living a healthier life!

Making the decision to prioritise your health is the first step on your journey towards better health, and the Healthy Food Guide 30-Day Reset is designed to help you on your way.

Created by our team of qualified, expert health professionals, the HFG 30-Day Reset will provide you with an achievable, easy-to-follow roadmap to establish healthy habits that last.

You can have your cake and eat it too!

New Year resolutions often fail when it comes to health – trying to change our habits overnight all at once is just not realistic for most of us. When it comes to crafting a balanced healthy lifestyle, many small steps over time makes good health more achievable. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Small, consistent steps built over time WILL get you there. So if you want that extra dollop of cream on your scone, have it! When you consistently eat nutritious foods, indulging yourself is part of having a healthy relationship with food – and having a healthy relationship with food is paramount to a long-term healthy outlook.

No fad diets, no hardcore training – HFG 30-Day Reset will provide you with sensible, sustainable ideas to help you create a healthier life for yourself

Over 30 days you will learn from leading experts in nutrition and exercise how to make healthier choices. Feel inspired each week by delicious healthy recipes – all approved by an Accredited Practising Dietitian; be informed with educational articles on food and nutrition from our team of experts; get motivated with mini-challenges and fun ways to get moving; and feel supported with a social network of others on the same path.

We’re excited you have chosen to take your first steps with us, whatever your health goals may be, this is a great place to continue your health journey.

Below is the kitchen essentials shopping list you’ll need for the 30-day program. Click on the list to download it as a PDF.


First published: Feb 2021
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