Healthiest workplace 2018

The inaugural Healthiest Workplace Awards honour the best use of Healthy Food Guide’s Workplace Wellbeing resource.

Our Workplace Wellbeing resource enables organisations to provide their staff with digital access to evidence-based advice to help improve their health and wellbeing. The resource focuses on areas where staff often need support, for example, managing stress, eating well at work, improving sleep, etc.

Entries for the Healthiest Workplace Awards were judged on their improvements in the following areas:

  • Healthy eating habits at work or home
  • Availability of healthy food choices
  • Engagement in physical activity
  • Mental health awareness and support
  • Encouragement of staff to use the Workplace Wellbeing resource.

Healthiest workplace 2018

Edvance Workplace Education

When it comes to the health of its team, Edvance puts its money where its mouth is. The workplace training organisation provides a paid ‘duvet day’ off each year, recognising the reality of needing to rest or recover as a result of interpersonal or psychological stressors. It also provided a paid half day off for engaging in a healthy meal challenge.

Edvance has either directly or indirectly covered physical activity and healthy eating, as well as some aspects of connectedness and mental health, making it a worthy winner of the Healthiest Workplace Award 2018.

There are numerous ways Edvance has integrated the Workplace Wellbeing resource from Healthy Food Guide and, with a 100 per cent activation rate, it’s clear the staff are enjoying it.

Housing New Zealand

We were impressed by Housing New Zealand for actively using HFG recipes at shared lunches and events, as well as using the reporting statistics for planning.

The Auckland War Memorial Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira

We were highly impressed that Auckland Museum has a coordinated approach to promoting the Workplace Wellbeing resource through all channels. It’s little wonder that its account activation is so high.

Education New Zealand

Education New Zealand is to be commended for integrating the Workplace Wellbeing resource and statistics into its weekly safety and wellbeing meeting and using this as a tool to promote health.

Meet the judges

Tom Nehmy
Clinical psychologist

Dr Tom Nehmy is an award-winning clinical psychologist with a passion for preventing psychological problems while also enhancing resilience and wellbeing. His university research produced the world’s first prevention program to prevent the onset of symptoms of depression and anxiety while also reducing risk for eating disorders.

Tom currently works with companies, schools and professional organisations to help them build psychological skills for mental health, wellbeing and resilience. His work has been featured widely in the media, but most importantly his work gets outstanding feedback from participants.

Phil Ryan
Managing Director
Healthy Life Media

Phil is an experienced magazine publisher who founded the award-winning NetGuide magazine in NZ and Australia. He is a former winner of the NZ Publisher of the Year, at the Magazine Publishing Association Awards.

Rose Carr
Senior nutritionist

Rose is a registered nutritionist with a BSc and an MSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition. Rose has worked in a private nutrition clinic, lectured at Massey University, and undertaken project work for the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

Claire Turnbull 

Claire is a registered Nutritionist with a BSc (Hons) in Dietetics. In addition to her work with Healthy Food Guide, Claire is the owner and director of the private nutrition practice and corporate wellness company Mission Nutrition where she has a wonderful team of people working alongside her. She is a professional speaker, has published two best selling books.

First published: Feb 2019

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