Healthy desk drawer stash

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Healthy desk drawer stash

If you are too busy to stop, or need a quick between-meal snack, having a small supply of healthy choices available is a good move. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Packets or cans of tuna
    Try Sealord Chunky Style Tuna in Spring Water 95g tin
  2. Packets of ready-steamed rice
    Try Sun Rice Brown Whole Grain Steamed Rice Quick Cups
  3. Sachets of ready-to-eat porridge
    Try Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets Singles Original
  4. Small packs home-popped popcorn
    Or pack some from a bag of Proper Crunch Corn half-popped wholegrain corn
  5. Grainy crackers
    Try Huntley & Palmers Wholegrain Crackers 8 Grain
  6. Mixed nuts or seeds
    Herbal teas
  7. Snack bars
    Try Tasti Made Simple Cocoa Orange Wholefood Bars
  8. Snack balls
    Try Frooze Balls Energy Balls
  9. Fresh fruit (that doesn’t need refrigeration)
  10. Vege chips
    Try Alison’s Pantry Vege Chips
  11. Small jar peanut butter
    Use a no-added sugar/salt variety
First published: Feb 2019


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