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How many kJs are you drinking?

How many kJs are you drinking?

We know drinks contain energy (kilojoules) but as liquid is not as filling (and we can happily drink a few), we often don't realise just how much energy we're consuming. Do you know how many kJs you're drinking?

  • 'Light' beer refers to the alcohol content which will affect the energy content and note the difference between a low-alcohol beer (100kJ per glass) and a reduced-alcohol beer at (305kJ per glass).

  • If you're using mixers, go for the low-kilojoule versions; the spirits give you more than enough by themselves.

  • And when you're looking at the table below, remember that a standard glass of wine is defined as 100ml. Measure that out and you may be surprised how small a glass that is. If your glass is bigger; your kJ intake per glass of wine can be much higher.

The drinks below are typical bar measures listed from highest to lowest kilojoules:

Drink Kilojoules
1 glass strong ale (250ml)  765
1 glass Coca-Cola (230ml) 450
1 glass lemonade (230ml) 425
1 glass beer (250ml) standard, draught or lager 380
1 glass white wine (100ml) 345-395
1 glass red wine (100ml) 340-365
1 glass standard tonic (230ml) 345
1 glass reduced alcohol beer (250ml) 305
1 nip spirits (70 proof, 20ml) 175
1 glass low alcohol beer (250ml) 100
1 glass diet mixer (230ml) tonic, Coca-Cola, lemonade 5


First published: Nov 2006

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