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Microwave tips

It's super-convenient cooking in a microwave – and these tips will serve you well for consistent microwaving success

  • When microwaving fruit and veges, don't add extra water. Frozen veges such as peas and corn can be cooked straight from the freezer in about three minutes for half a cup.

  • Standing time is needed for items microwaved more than three minutes. As a guide, standing time is half the cooking time. This is so the food temperature can be regulated throughout the food. (Note: once cooked, microwaved food becomes hotter for a few minutes.)

  • Microwave-proof containers are essential (Pyrex is useful), and especially good if they have a lid to stop food spitting.

  • Always use oven gloves to remove food.

  • Be wary of steam when removing lids.

  • Freshen up your microwave once you've wiped it clean by placing a slice of lemon in a bowl of water and cook on high for one minute. Leave in the microwave for 10 minutes.


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