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Mind quiz: Test your mental health knowledge

Smiling woman

How aware are you of simple strategies that can protect your mental wellness?  Take our quick quiz to test your knowledge.

Q True or false: Stress affects gut health

Answer: True
Ongoing stress negatively impacts gut health. It can cause inflammation and lead to conditions like constipation or diarrhoea. Don’t be afraid to take a break and have a little ‘me time’ to manage stress and promote good gut health. For more ways to improve your gut health head here.

Q What is a symptom of burnout?

A Struggling to stay focused
B Being involved in a number of accidents
C Feelings of hopelessness

Answer: All of the above
Burnout can result in emotional, physiological, behavioral and cognitive symptoms. To avoid burnout, listen to your body and strive for balance in your life.

Q Which of the following promotes good mental health?

A Getting enough sleep
B Eating a healthy diet
C Being physically active

Answer: All of the above Leading a healthy lifestyle is just as important for mental health as for physical health. Make sure you prioritise your 7–9 hours sleep a night, exercise often and eat lots of fruit and veg.

Q True or false: Mindfulness can help you to manage the stresses of life

Answer: True
Mindfulness is a strategy that allows you to be present in the moment and minimise feelings of anxiety. It can also help you improve concentration and memory.

Q How much sleep do most adults need each night?

A 5-7 hours or less
B 7-9 hours
C 9-11 hours

Answer: B
Getting enough sleep is essential for overall good health. Improve your sleep hygiene by having a regular bedtime and wake time, giving yourself time to wind down before bed, and avoiding electronic devices, like phones, laptops and TVs in the bedroom.


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