Nutrition labels for Kiwi beer

Two New Zealand beer producers have announced they will add nutrition information panels to the back of bottles, cans and packaging.

The voluntary initiative will see the Brewers Association New Zealand, in partnership with two members Lion and DB, adding nutritional information to around 450 million beer bottles and cans throughout the year.


According to Brewers Association New Zealand external relations director Kevin Sinnott research shows gaps in consumer knowledge about beer’s sugar content.


Healthy Food Guide senior nutritionist Rose Carr applauds the move.  


“It’s fantastic’, Ms Carr says.


“People don’t realise how high kilojoule beer is, especially if they’re drinking ‘low carb’ varieties.”


For instance, a glass of strong ale can contain 750 kJ.


She hopes the labels will make consumers choices better informed.


The labels will carry information on sugar, calories, dietary fibre, protein and carbohydrate content, a Brewers Association media release says.


All products will continue to carry standard drinks labelling.


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First published: March 2017

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