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Quiz: Beat the bloat! How good are you at managing your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms?

Grab a pen and take our quiz to see how good you are at making wise food choices for your body.

1. There is so much misinformation out there about which food options help reduce IBS symptoms. Choose the diet which has the most scientific evidence showing a reduction of IBS symptoms in up to 75 per cent of IBS patients.

A   Gluten free
C   Paleo

2. It’s time to cook dinner. What vegetable combo is the better choice and won’t leave you dashing for the bathroom?

A   Portobello mushrooms, cauliflower, and peas
B   Carrots, green beans, and tomatoes

3. Which of these options will cause the least symptoms?

A   Sugar-free chewing gum
B   Chewing gum that contains sugar

4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

A   True
B   False

5. Which high-FODMAP ingredient is sneaky and likes to hide in rice crackers, gluten free breads, biscuits, ice cream and many other products?

A   Baking powder
B   Guar gum
C   Inulin

6. You need a fast grab-and go snack that won’t upset your tummy. Which of these options are good choices?

A   Plain rice cakes with peanut butter and banana
B   An apple or pear
C   Commercial muesli bar made with honey and dried fruit
D  Handful of walnuts, peanuts and pecans
E   Smoothie from a juice bar
F   Hard-boiled egg

7. It’s coffee time and you are down at your local café. Choose the best milk options:

A   Normal milk
B   Almond milk
C   Lactose-free milk
D   Soy milk made from soy protein

8. The low-FODMAP diet is a dairy free diet:

A   True
B   False

9. You are creating a tasty meal. Which of these options are a safe way to capture garlic and onion flavours?

A   Fresh onion or garlic
B   The green tips of spring onion or leek
C   Dried onion or garlic powder
D   Onion or garlic infused oil

10. You are heading out for a date night. Can you drink alcohol while on the low-FODMAP diet?

A   Yes
B   No
C   Depends on the type of alcohol

11. Is the low-FODMAP diet a forever diet?

A   Yes, you stay in the strict elimination phase for the rest of your life
B   No, you test each FODMAP group and reintroduce foods that don’t trigger symptoms

1. B The low-FODMAP diet has been scientifically proven to help reduce symptoms in up to 75 per cent of people with IBS symptoms.


2. B Carrots, green beans and tomatoes are all low FODMAP and can be enjoyed while on the low-FODMAP diet.  Portobello mushrooms and cauliflower are high FODMAP for mannitol, and peas are high FODMAP for GOS according to the Monash Low FODMAP App. High-FODMAP foods can trigger symptoms in some people. 1
3. B Chewing gum that contains sugar is the better option if you have IBS. Sugar itself is generally well absorbed. Sugar-free chewing gums often contain sorbitol, isomalt, maltitol or other polyols, which can trigger IBS symptoms. Keep in mind that some IBS patients have better symptom control if they cut out chewing gum all together, as this reduces the amount of air you swallow. 1
4. B Apples are high FODMAP and often trigger symptoms. 1
5. C Inulin is a sneaky FODMAP that likes to hide in many processed foods. It is an oligosaccharide and can also be called chicory root fibre or dietary fibre on labels. 1
6. A, D, F These foods all make great grab and go snacks.  Avoid apples and pears as they are both high-FODMAP fruits. Commercially made muesli bars often include high-FODMAP ingredients. Smoothies from juice bars either contain high-FODMAP fruits or too many serves of low-FODMAP fruit and can trigger symptoms. 3 points (1 per correct answer)
7. B, C, D Lactose-free milk, almond milk, and soy milk made from soy protein are all great low-FODMAP milk options. Avoid coffees made from large amounts of normal milk if you have issues with lactose. 3 points (1 per correct answer)
8. A The low-FODMAP diet is not a dairy-free diet and you can enjoy lactose-free milk or yoghurt and hard cheeses. 1 point
9. B, D The green tips of spring onions or green leek leaves are both great low-FODMAP options for recapturing flavor. You can also use garlic or onion infused oils. This is because the fructans cannot leach into the oil, so you get the flavor without the FODMAPs. 2 points (1 per correct answer)
10. C You can drink alcohol while on the low-FODMAP diet but you need to choose your alcohol carefully. Make sure you check this guide to low-FODMAP alcohol, and limit your serves to one or two drinks as alcohol can be an additional gut irritant. 1 point
11. B The low-FODMAP diet is not a lifetime diet. Once your symptoms are under control, you enter the reintroduction phase, where you systematically test FODMAP groups before reintroducing foods that don’t trigger symptoms. 1 point



Less than 5: You’re on your way to conquering symptoms but might need a helping hand to master the low-FODMAP diet. Check out this low-FODMAP guide.

6 to 12: You have a great foundation of low-FODMAP knowledge.

13 to 16: Well done! You’re a FODMAP master and have a great understanding of the low-FODMAP diet.



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