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Savvy snacking tips

Savvy snacking tips

Eating the right snack can make or break an otherwise healthy, balanced diet. If you’re feeling peckish, try these dietitian-approved tips to get the most bang for your nutritional buck:

Control portions

Eat just enough to quell your hunger. Don’t turn snacks into a meal by eating too much.

Boost fibre intake

Fruit, veg, whole grains & nuts add gut-friendly fibre to snacks. Aim for at least 2–3g fibre per serve.

Satisfy with protein

Protein-rich dairy foods, nuts, legumes, eggs & canned fish are an easy way to satisfy hunger.

Energy supply

Ideally, snacks should total around 1200kJ (290cal) a day. This means eating two 600kJ (140cal) snacks a day or three 400kJ (100cal) snacks throughout the day.

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