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Survive holiday season food traps

Healthy Food Guide nutritionist Claire Turnbull has tips to keep Christmas overindulging at bay.

The festive season is a time to catch up with friends, see family and, of course, enjoy delicious food. But it can be very easy to eat more than you need to. Here’s how to avoid some common traps and keep on track with your health and well-being goals.

Buy what you need, not more

In days gone by, the supermarkets were closed for public holidays and ‘stocking up’ was the thing to do, but that’s not the case anymore. If you buy more than you need, you might feel like eating more than you need.

Make and cook less

While leftovers can be great, if you have a Christmas cake that is still going in February or enough mince pies to feed an army when there are only two of you at home, then you are bound to end up eating more. I make a small cake and when it’s gone, it’s gone – and one batch of mince pies to feel ‘Christmassy’ plus a pavlova for Christmas Day. That’s me, pretty much done.

Keep temptation out of sight

If you see or smell food, it makes you want to eat it, regardless of whether you are hungry or not. If you keep a bowl of chocolates or nuts in the lounge or have the Christmas cake out on the bench with a knife at the ready, you are very likely to pick at something. Chilled bottles of wine and beer looking at you when you open the fridge aren’t helpful either. Try keeping them in the garage, or at least not in direct line of sight when you open the fridge door.


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Date modified: 12 January 2021
First published: Dec 2017


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