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3 reasons to love salmon (including canned)

Whether fresh or canned, this oily fish is an excellent source of healthy omega-3 fats, and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Fresh vs canned

As the price of fresh fish has recently spiked, so buying canned is a cost-effective way to keep this nutritious food on the menu. Look for unflavoured varieties in springwater or olive oil to keep sodium levels down. Canned salmon still contains all the essential nutrients you’ll find in fresh salmon.

Three reasons to love salmon

There are many things to love about salmon, but here are three of the best:

1. This oily fish is packed with essential brain and heart-boosting omega-3 fatty acids that offer a variety of health benefits, including helping to manage symptoms of  inflammatory diseases, and improving cognitive function.


2. Both fresh and canned varieties are high in hunger-busting protein. Protein is essential in helping your body thrive, including helping you heal after injury, protecting bone health, and maintaining muscle mass as you get older.

3. Canned salmon with bones is inexpensive and a source of bone-strengthening calcium.

Cans of fish



Date modified: August 12 2022
First published: Jul 2022

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