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What does ‘The Tick’ mean?

The Tick is a programme run by the National Heart Foundation of NZ.

Manufacturers who want to feature the Tick on their products must formulate (or re-formulate) products to fit the Tick criteria for that particular product category.

Tick products often have lower levels of energy, fat, saturated and trans fat, sugar and salt than other products in the same category, and they're often higher in calcium and fibre. So it can be a useful way to quickly choose products with a healthier profile.

There's a cost to manufacturers to be in the Tick programme, and not all take part. So if your favourite product doesn't have a Tick, compare the nutrition label to one that does; just because something doesn't have a Tick doesn't necessarily mean it's not a good option.

It's also important to remember that a Tick doesn't mean you can eat unlimited amounts. Some categories that include Tick products will always be 'sometimes' foods.

First published: Jun 2007