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What’s for tea?

Warming herbal and spiced teas, including soothing peppermint and chamomile or aromatic cardamom and ginger, can help you to unwind at the end of a hectic day.

Herbal teas might even offer hot health perks, depending on the tisane you choose. Turmeric tea, for example, is linked to reduced inflammation, while peppermint tea can aid digestive issues.

Need a few more good reasons to pop the kettle on?

Herbal teas are:

  • A sugar-free alternative to sweet snacks such as chocolate and lollies. Try a flavoursome cup of a sweet and delicate summer fruits infusion.
  • Usually caffeine free, so they won’t interfere with having a good night’s sleep(there are two exceptions. The first is yerba mate, a type of herbal tea native to South America, and it’s naturally caffeinated.  The second is where caffeine is artificially added to a herbal tea – so read your labels to make sure you know what you are buying.)
  • A fantastic way to remain hydrated during winter when you are not that excited by another glass of water.

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