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Where to from here?

Where to from here?

Fitness expert Sarah Cowley challenges you to create new goals beyond the Kick-start Plan.

Congratulations, you are on the home straight of the Kick-start Plan. It’s time to bring it home strong and finish with the same intention you began with. Whatever your reason for being part of our Kick-start Plan, I hope you achieve what you want and have learnt some valuable lessons along the way.


With the completion of any plan, it’s important to celebrate. Reflect on how far you have come over the last 12 weeks. Whether it’s been a small change in some habits or a total life-changing experience, pat yourself on the back. Allow yourself time to celebrate and remember all the work you’ve done to get to this point.

Keep moving

The thing with a challenge is you need something else to move on to once you have finished it. You need to keep moving forward. You are worth it and so is your health. Start thinking about what could be your next target. Maybe you could sign up for an exercise event, or join a social sports team. Or maybe it’s about having the stamina to take your grandchildren to the park once a week. Keep challenging yourself to maintain your health and your best self.

I thrive on having a target to aim for. I need goals to keep me inspired and motivated and feel lost when I don’t have something to strive towards. I’ve recognised this and I know I have to finish one challenge and then start the next.

Keep inspiring others

I love hearing stories of what your journey has done for others. For many of you, you will never know the impact you have had on others, just by being courageous enough to take on the Kick-start Plan. In becoming more active and stronger, you have brought others along on the journey too. I encourage you to keep lifting people up to a healthier, active life.

Thank you for being brave enough to kick-start your health. Here’s to you and whatever your next challenge may be!

Front shuffle in semi-squat position

  1. Create a loop by loosely knotting band together. Step into the loop and position it around your knees. Slightly bend your knees so you’re in a semi-squat position to start. Take a good step forward with your right leg, into a lunge position.
  2. Step your left leg forward to lessen the distance between your feet. Step forward again with your right leg so you’re in the wider lunge position. Repeat, starting with the left leg.

Semi-squat side steps

  1. Create a loop by loosely knotting band together. Step into the loop and position it around your knees. Slightly bend your knees so you are in a semi-squat position. Take a step to the right. Your feet should be further than shoulder-width apart. Don’t let knees drop inward.
  2. Step your left leg towards your right so your feet are now back to shoulder-width apart. Take five steps to the right this way and five steps to the left.

Side squat

  1. Create a loop by loosely knotting band together. Step into the loop and position it around your knees.
  2. Step out with your right leg greater than shoulder-width apart. Bend at the knees to go into a squat position. Keep knees outwards and a strong trunk as you squat, pushing your bottom backwards. Return to the starting position by stepping your right leg back to shoulder-width apart. Repeat on the left side.

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First published: Dec 2017

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