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How to give yourself a mid-year recharge

Sometimes change feels too hard. It takes time and headspace and can feel overwhelming to add extra things to your ‘to-do’ list when you already feel like you’re sinking. That’s why, this month, we are focusing on ‘going small’. 

When it comes to wellbeing, small and consistent changes are underestimated. Instead, the restrictive diets, ‘must have’ new supplements or the latest fitness craze often get the most airtime. But small changes can add up to big things! And, when a new behaviour becomes a habit, you don’t have to rely on willpower to keep you on track. 

Be it committing to reading before bed every night to wind down, touching base with a friend each evening to reconnect, or doing 10 minutes of exercise before you start your morning, over a month, these actions can cement into habits and become part of a healthier way of living. 

CHALLENGE: Choose ONE thing to do consistently over the next month that will recharge your battery and can become a new ‘healthy habit’.   

By taking an action that is just 1% better than doing nothing, over 365 days the results compound and overall can be a really significant. You can be 38 times better after a year which is can lead to great outcomes!

ONE THING – Your inspiration hot list!

  1. Watch something funny every day 
  2. Make it your mission to give someone (who wants one) a big hug every day  
  3. Start your day by playing your favourite playlist or turn it on when you get home 
  4. Mute your phone notifications for the month and see how different it makes you feel 
  5. Keep a journal – commit to debriefing with yourself at the end of each day, notice how you are feeling and just put pen to paper without judgement. Awareness is powerful on its own
  6. Start your day with herbal tea or commit to taking time out to mindfully enjoy a hot drink during the day  
  7. Make your bed every day 
  8. Actively listen when you ask people how they are 
  9. Pop drops of lavender oil under your pillow and start using an eye mask 
  10. Schedule at-desk exercise every day – here is some inspiration
  11. Leave your phone on your desk or in your bag when you head to another room, to give yourself a mental break  
  12. Walk around your house, the block or your office building every day   
  13. Keep a stress ball on your desk and use it every time you feel overwhelmed  
  14. Try 4-7-8 breathing when you notice yourself feeling stressed each day. Breath in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 7 then breath out for 8. Repeat until your body feels calmer 
  15. If tidying makes you feel calmer, commit to tidying one small area each day this month – be it a drawer, a shelf or a pile of things that are header for a charity shop 
  16. Commit to reaching out to someone, ideally each day or, if that’s too much, make it every weekend, this month. You could check in with a close friend or a relative you have been meaning to touch base with for a while
  17. Drink 2 bottles of water (or 2 large glasses) every day during your work hours 
  18. Add an extra 20-minute walk into your day (or whatever you can manage) 
  19. Commit to maintaining good eye contact with anyone you come across this month and notice the difference with how the conversation flows and how you feel when you are fully connected with the other person. 

Date modified: July 11 2022
First published: Jul 2022

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