Bropocalypse now!

Registered dietitian Dave Shaw takes a look at the pseudoscience targeting bodybuilding ‘bros’.


‘Broscience’ is a tongue-in-cheek term used to describe pseudoscientific nutrition or training recommendations in the fitness and bodybuilding world. These dietary tips often don’t stack up against the evidence-based recommendations from qualified professionals.

Why all the fuss?

Questionable ‘bro’d’ up dietary advice tends to encourage the use of supplements and unnecessary diets. For example: “You must have 30g whey protein isolate and 50g waxy maize immediately post your last set on the squat rack to maximise your gains.”

Where can I read more?

Google broscience, and check out the 2016 evidence-based nutrition and training summit in Sydney called Bropocalypse. Or for a laugh, see BroScienceLife.

First published: Oct 2015

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