Breaking the diet cycle

YOUR SAY: HFG reader Michelle writes…

“Since the birth of my last son, I have been constantly struggling to lose weight and have been off and on many diets. I have started buying your magazine in the hope of getting some ideas to push start a ‘successful’ journey so when I saw the October issue with the weight-loss challenge booklet, that immediately gave me the boost I have been looking for. With this booklet I am able to keep record of my progress – and [it’s great] having the 10 extremely helpful tips to break the cycle, which I have to admit, I am extremely guilty of doing just about all 10.

Having the gorgeous recipes and the 12-week challenge booklet, I know I am going to succeed this time – all thanks to you Healthy Food Guide.”

–  Michelle Fairclough, via handwritten letter


‘Your say’ letters are written by external correspondents. The opinions expressed in these letters are solely those of the correspondents, not of Healthy Food Guide, and no liability is accepted by Healthy Life Media Ltd for any information contained therein. As always, any person with health issues or medical concerns should first take advice from a health professional. Healthy Life Media Ltd reserves the right to reply to, edit, abridge or decline letters without explanation.

First published: Jan 2013

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