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Waving hands platter

Waving hands platter

“I forgot to tell you but I need a share plate for school/kindy/Guides on Friday”. The dreaded words from your forgetful child on a Wednesday night…

Coming up with an idea that is simple, quick, economical, healthy, fun and portable is often a challenge. I have been thinking of plates that hopefully tick these boxes. The first of which is the ‘waving hands platter’ (as so many share plates are to say goodbye to a teacher or a student).

I have used a pot plant ‘saucer’ from the hardware store as the plate. Cheap, droppable and with a lip so things don’t slide off during transport!!



  • hummus
  • carrot (and/or capsicum/cucumber)
  • celery (or other salad veg)
  • orange kumara (this is fabulous raw with dip)


Step 1 I scooped the hummus into a plastic freezer bag and snipped a corner off to make a simple piping bag. It was then pretty easy to write “goodbye”.

Step 2 Then I cut ‘hands’ from celery and carrot. To do this I sliced the veges quite thickly and so they yielded a flat surface. Next I cut them into a mitten shape, then finished off with three simple slices into the top part of the mitten to denote four fingers.

Step 3 Place each of the hands onto a cocktail stick ready to dip into the hummus.

Step 4 Add a little pot of hummus and arrange the waving hands.

Perfect for kids small and very big!

If you are catering for many you can always have additional carrot, celery, kumara or other veg batons cut simply and kept in reserve.


First published: Jun 2014

Thanks, you're good to go!


Thanks, you're good to go!


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