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No-bake cheesecake
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No-bake cheesecake

This low cost, make-over no-bake cheesecake desert recipe, will be a hit with both family and friends.
Serves: 10
Time to make: 20 mins , plus overnight chilling
Total cost: $15.90 / $1.59 per serve

(at time of publication)


If you can’t find gelatine leaves, use 4 teaspoons gelatine granules dissolved in 3 tablespoons boiling water. Don’t soak in cold water.

HFG tip

What we did

  • By replacing full-fat butter, cream cheese, and sour cream with reduced-fat spread, low-fat yoghurt and extra light cream cheese spread, we slashed a whopping 15g saturated fat per serve.
  • Using low-fat dairy also upped the protein and calcium in our cheesecake.
  • Using naturally sweet bananas meant we could cut the added sugars. They also increase the fibre.
1950kJ 970kJ 50% fewer kJ
5g protein 8g protein 60% more protein
20g saturated fat 5g saturated fat 75% less saturated fat
26g sugar 15g sugar 42% less sugar
70mg calcium 160mg calcium 129% more calcium

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