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Smart swaps: Kids’ snacks

Reviewed by our expert panel
Smart swaps: Kids’ snacks

Buying snacks for our kids takes a lot of thought. We try to choose products that aren’t just healthy but will get eaten, fill them up, not blow the budget and don’t come in layers of plastic. We found some great smart swaps that help tick all the boxes.

There are plenty of great options for your kids to snack on.

Any product examples given here were correct at time of publication. However, remember to check the ingredients and nutrition information every so often, as these can change over time

Swap packaged yoghurt suckies for a serving from a large tub of plain yoghurt in a reusable pottle with fruit.
Swap high-salt salami or biltong for leftover cold sliced roast chicken.
Trade a muesli bar for a homemade muffin (make them on the weekend and keep in the freezer) Try these HFG blueberry ones.
Swap a packet of kids’ potato stix for chips for a container filled with home-popped popcorn.
Leave out the fruit strings and reach for SunMaid raisins. You can recycle the paper box. And research indicates raisins may be good for protective oral bacteria.
Swap packet cheese dip and crackers and pack your own with wholegrain, lower-salt crackers and a slice off a cheese block.
First published: Feb 2019

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