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Get up, stand up

Don’t give up the fight for better health.

Most of us spend about 75 per cent of our day sitting or being sedentary, which is associated with increased rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers and overall mortality.

A review of 44 international studies found regular, short bouts of activity lowers concentrations of blood sugar and insulin for up to nine hours after a meal. So, move around for two minutes every half hour, for the good of your health.

National Heart Foundation research fellow Meredith Peddie, of the university of otago, says the amount of reduction in blood sugar, insulin or fat doesn’t seem to be affected by the intensity of the activity, food eaten, your age or how much you weigh, meaning anyone can reap benefits.

University of Otago, August 2018

Date modified: 22 November 2018
First published: Oct 2018


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