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Healthy eating reward chart for kids

Convincing picky eaters to eat fruit and vegetables is a daily battle for many parents.

Fruit and vegetables are inexpensive, healthy and delicious, but a large number of kids simply don’t eat enough of them for good health. The eating habits we learn as children are likely to become a life-long pattern, so if our children eat poorly they are more likely to become adults with unhealthy diets.

Picky eaters not only suffer nutritionally, as they get older they become increasingly socially disadvantaged. Not being able to eat in other people’s homes or in ethnic restaurants may be a problem when the work party is a Thai buffet, your top client invites you to lunch at a Japanese restaurant, or your flatmate who cooks every second night is a vegan.

You may not be able to change the habits of your partner or flatmate but you can influence your kids, so start early.

Print out this handy healthy eating chart so your kids can see how they go.

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Healthy eating reward chart for kids


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