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10 ways with canned fish

fish on toast

Cheap, tasty and nutritious — there’s a whole kettle of reasons to love canned fish! Here are 10 easy ways to make the most of your catch.

1 Combine canned anchovies with garlic, lemon juice, plain yoghurt and grated parmesan for a lighter Caesar salad dressing.

2 Mix canned tuna in spring water (drained) through cooked penne pasta, frozen veg and tomato pasta sauce, then top with grated cheese and bake for a winning dinner.

3 Try canned sardines on toast with tomato, lemon juice and fresh basil for a heart-healthy weekend breakfast.

4 Pair canned mackerel with brown rice, roasted capsicum, red kidney beans and a spicy tomato sauce. Olé!

5 Whip up a speedy batch of gluten-free fish fritters with canned salmon, whisked eggs, frozen peas and corn, grated haloumi, cooked quinoa and buckwheat flour.

6 Add canned tuna in chilli oil to rice cakes topped with hoummos, cucumber and tomato for a quick ‘n’ easy lunch.

7 Cook garlic, chilli and capers in olive oil, then toss through cooked spaghetti and healthy canned herring.

8 Snack on a healthy dip made from canned trout, yoghurt, lemon juice, chives, fresh dill and paprika. Perfect for entertaining!

9 Jazz up Tuesday with canned salmon, red cabbage, black beans and guacamole on top of a wholegrain tortilla.

10 Replace your beef burger with one using canned tuna, cooked sweet potato, shallots and mixed herbs.