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20-minute sweet treats

Each of these quick and delicious desserts serves four, and they're ready in 20 minutes (or less).

Quick blueberry tiramisu

Serves 4

Pineapple and melon with mint sugar

Serves 4

Banana and sesame snaps dessert

Serves 4

4 bananas, peeled, thickly sliced
4 x 150ml tubs (or 600ml) low-fat vanilla yoghurt
8 x 10g sesame snaps, coarsely chopped

Step 1 Layer banana slices and yoghurt in 4 glass tumblers, with 2 layers of each. Sprinkle sesame snaps over top layer of bananas. Serve.

Nutrition information (per serve): 1180kJ/283cal, protein 11g, total fat 6g, sat fat 2g, carbs 50g, sugars 36g, fibre 3g, sodium 250mg, calcium 250mg, iron 0.5mg

  • High calcium

Strawberry and marshmallow skewers with chocolate

Serves 4

250g strawberries, hulled, halved if large
8 skewers
16 marshmallows
2 tablespoons orange juice
40g dark or milk chocolate, melted

Step 1 Thread strawberries onto skewers, alternating with marshmallows. Brush skewers with orange juice. Drizzle chocolate over skewers then serve.

Nutrition information (per serve): 710kJ/169cal, protein 2g, total fat 3g, sat fat 2g, carbs 35g, sugars 32g, fibre 1g, sodium 10mg, calcium 20mg, iron 0.5mg

  • Gluten free
  • Low kJ, low fat

Mango and almond crumble

Serves 4

1/3 cup ground almonds
2 teaspoons grated lime zest
2 tablespoons sugar
4 mangoes, peeled, thickly sliced

Step 1 Preheat grill on medium-high. Place ground almonds on a lined baking tray. Grill, stirring occasionally, for 1-2 minutes until golden. Transfer to a bowl then add lime zest and sugar.

Step 2 Place mangoes in a shallow, ovenproof dish and grill for 2 minutes until warm. Sprinkle with almond crumble to serve.

Nutrition information (per serve): ​960kJ/230cal, protein 4g, total fat 8g, sat fat 1g, carbs 40g, sugars 36g, fibre 7g, sodium 20mg, calcium 50mg, iron 1.5mg

  • Gluten free, dairy free
  • Low kJ, high fibre