Are your hormones playing havoc with your health?

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Are your hormones playing havoc with your health?

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Finding that whatever you do and however hard you try, you just can’t lose weight
  • Feeling extremely fatigued even though you have had a decent amount of sleep
  • Gaining weight around your middle, back and on your arms
  • Feeling a bit flat and depressed
  • Struggling to conceive even though you and your partner are quite healthy

What are hormones?

Hormones are chemical messengers that send signals to every part of your body, and when they work properly, they are fantastic! They regulate your menstrual cycle (well… for the ladies!!), they regulate your thyroid function and they regulate your sleep!! Levels of hormones are usually carefully maintained by the body to keep us feeling at our best.

How come things can go wrong?

Many reproductive and gynaecological complaints, thyroid and metabolism issues or even sleep disturbances can occur when hormone levels change suddenly. For example PMS can occur when there is a sudden drop in progesterone; oestrogen dominance conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids can occur when a woman is exposed to oestrogen for too long; and sleep cycles can become erratic when our cortisol and melatonin levels are out of balance.

What can you do to get things back on track?

If you struggle with any of the issues listed above, your hormones could be to blame! For example, difficulty in losing weight could be due to an underactive thyroid, or it may be simply because your stress hormones are out of whack and you are not sleeping properly. Interestingly, thyroid issues can also be linked to depression. Gaining weight in areas like your arms and tops of your thighs could be that you are being exposed to too much oestrogen or your progesterone is way too low.

‘Unexplained’ fertility issues could be due to stress or thyroid issues, progesterone imbalances and even vitamin and mineral inadequacies. Environmental toxins can also play a role in hormone imbalances and fertility issues.

If you are struggling and you know something is just not right, come in and see Rene at Mission Nutrition for a comprehensive health check. She can individualise a nutrition and lifestyle plan to get you back on track and feeling and functioning at your best – you REALLY don’t have to put up with this drama!!

Give Mission Nutrition a call on 09 948 7999 and book in to see Rene Schliebs, our specialist when it comes to hormones and health.

First published: Oct 2012


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