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Breaking through your barriers

Breaking through your barriers

Fitness expert Sarah Cowley talks us through the best ways to push past mental blocks.

There’s no denying exercise can be tough, but so are you. Adversity brings strength and you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.

When we exercise, we’re asking our body to overcome inertia by placing an increasing load on our energy systems. The physical stress of exercise creates a response which we can interpret as both mental and physical pain.

So how do you break through that pain when all you want to do is quit?

I use a lot of positive self-talk to override that little voice in my head telling me to stop. The amount of times I’ve said “just one more” in my life is countless.
I also like to break down goals and focus on little steps. For example, during an interval session, I focus on the repetition I’m doing, instead of looking ahead and freaking myself out about how much further I have to go.

Another tactic is to have a fitness buddy. That way, when things get hard, you’re in the battle together or you have someone on the sideline cheering you on to keep going.

It’s amazing what a little support can do to get you through the tough parts.

As you are aware, this print issue of HFG is the last, but it also brings new beginnings. I’m signing off by sharing my personal exercise rules to keep you going, to help power you through the tough bits so you can live your life as the best version of you.

Go well on your fitness journey. Please stay connected through healthyfood.com and our social media channels and remember, you’ve got this.

Sarah’s personal exercise rules

Find the movement opportunity

When possible, create opportunities to move more and think of it as an easy option to bank physical activity minutes. For example, park the car a bit further away, to get more steps in.

Never miss a Monday

In 2019 I’ve been committed to always exercising on a Monday. It helps set up my intention for the week. It doesn’t have to be a massive session but it has to be something.

Don’t go more than three days without exercise

I find myself getting a bit cranky if I leave it too long between physical activities. My husband and I hold each other accountable, and it’s better for everyone.

Be active outside as often as possible

Being outside in the elements is hugely beneficial to your wellbeing so, when possible, I get active outside, immersing myself in whatever weather the day brings.

First published: Nov 2019


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