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Meal prep shortcuts for fast (healthy) food!

canned fish

Try some of these handy food prep tips to help make meals faster, cheaper and healthier!

Shortcut #1 : Canned fish

  1. Canned fish like tuna, salmon and sardines are loaded with good fats for heart and brain health.
  2. Look for varieties in spring water or olive oil with less than 400mg sodium per 100g.
  3. Keep cans in the pantry to add to pasta, salads, toasties, frittatas or savoury muffins.

Shortcut #2 : Frozen peas

  1. Versatile and budget-friendly, frozen peas have all the same nutrients and health benefits as fresh.
  2. Green peas are a source of antioxidants, including vitamins E and C, and carotenoids.
  3. Peas are very high in hunger-busting fibre, providing around 5g in a 1/2 cup serve.

Shortcut #3 : Barbecued chicken

  1. A store-bought cooked chook is a time-saving hack for busy families, and costs about $10.
  2. Discard the skin to cut back on saturated fat and kilojoules.
  3. Shred and store leftover meat in the fridge to use in sandwiches for lunch, on a pizza or in salads.

Shortcut #4 : Canned chickpeas

  1. Can’t find no-added-salt varieties? Just drain and rinse well to reduce the salt by 40 per cent.
  2. Legumes cost a fraction of the price of meat, so they’re an easy way to cut your weekly grocery bill.
  3. Regularly eating legumes can help lower your cholesterol.

Shortcut #5 : Bagged slaw

  1. Ready-made salads save precious time washing and chopping vegies.
  2. If the slaw comes with a creamy dressing sachet, add a little reduced-fat yoghurt to make the dressing go further.
  3. Add toasted nuts and seeds for flavour and crunch.

Date modified: 7 July 2022
First published: Jul 2022


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