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10 ways to cook frozen peas (plus, their health benefits)

green peas in a pile

Peas are a budget and child-friendly vegetable that are easy to cook and have many health benefits, whether they’re fresh or frozen. Peas are very high in fibre, providing around 5.6g in a 3/4 cup serve. They are also high in protein (6g in 3/4 cup), for a vegetable. Peas are a source of antioxidants including vitamins E and C, phenolics and carotenoids. And, they are a source of niacin, thiamin and iron. Here are 10 delicious ways to use frozen peas!

1 Peas in an omelette

Toss a handful of frozen peas into a breakfast omelette to boost fibre, flavour, colour and taste.

2 Smashed peas on toast

If you’re a smashed avo fan, try this tasty alternative. Simply mash half a cup of peas with the juice of half a lemon, and enjoy on your favourite grainy toast.

3 Go for greens!

Empty fridge and no greens in sight? The frozen peas in your freezer are your friend! Whether in a curry, risotto or paella, a cup of frozen green peas boosts the look and appeal of any dish.

4 Peas as a sensational side

Pushed for time, but want to turn a humble side dish of peas into a taste sensation? Just add a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of mint leaves, and top it off with a little crumbled feta.

5 Pea fritters

Replace the corn in your favourite fritter recipe with the same quantity of frozen peas.

6 Peas in pesto

Whiz half a cup of frozen peas into your go-to pesto recipe for a different spin.

7 Yes peas, guacamole!

Be kind to your wallet when the price of avocados climbs — bulk out your guacamole with some filling mashed peas.

8 Mash it up

Add frozen peas to mashed potato to give your plate a burst of colour and an effortless extra serve of vegetables.

9 Pasta perfection

Add a cup of peas to pasta for the last minute of cooking time, then drain pasta and toss through pasta sauce. Easy!

10 Salad saviours

Pair peas with couscous, canned fish, flaked almonds and a citrus dressing, for a fresh salad bursting with fibre and flavour.


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