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How to stay healthy in Rio

Sky sports presenters Melodie Robinson and Monty Betham are covering the Olympic Games in Rio. Long flights, a demanding workload and not knowing where to get good food can wreak havoc on healthy habits. Here’s how they plan to stay in peak condition.

Monty Betham’s plan

  • Start the day with a shake alongside breakfast.
  • Keep protein bars handy as every day will be busy.
  • Take a range of other snacks, and perhaps cereal. I like to say: ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.
  • Find a great fruit shop. This is really important.
  • Train each day with my designated camera guy, Rusty. Due to the big days covering our share of 160-plus New Zealand athletes, we need to keep feeling great and staying sharp. I’ll train for at least an hour each day and this will vary, depending on the facilities available. Running around the local area is always easy.
  • Keep hydrated, especially with the heat in Rio. I aim to drink over two litres a day as a minimum.

Melodie Robinson’s plan

  • Exercise first thing in the morning, five times a week, for around 30—60 minutes. This is important for my energy levels because I know we’re in for long days.
  • Make Monty come for runs with me (because it’s too dangerous to run by myself).
  • Find salads or healthy wraps for lunch from a local food hall.
  • Take water everywhere! I aim to drink at least two litres a day.
  • Limit myself to just one coffee a day!
  • No skipping meals!
  • Be happy! A positive outlook is awesome for your health!
  • Most importantly, avoid having red wine with dinner each night!

Date modified: 3 April 2017
First published: Sep 2016


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