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Six ways with noodles

Noodles are inexpensive, easy to cook and incredibly versatile! Niki Bezzant shares some ideas.

1. Chicken satay noodles

Make an easy peanut sauce by microwaving peanut butter, salt-reduced soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and a little water for 1 minute. Stir through cooked rice noodles with stir-fried chicken and crisp vegetables.

2. Tasty noodle cakes

Add broken-up, cooked, instant noodles (without the flavour sachet) to beaten egg and corn kernels. Chop and add bacon or ham, spring onions and capsicum. Cook spoonfuls in a hot pan to make fritter-like cakes.

3. Japanese chilled noodles with tuna

Cook soba noodles following packet directions and set aside to cool. Toss together shelled cooked edamame beans, sliced ginger, sesame seeds, baby spinach and red capsicum. Dress with a mixture of sesame oil, lemon juice and a dash of mirin. Chill salad until ready to eat then toss through a drained can of tuna.

4. Japanese salmon miso noodle soup

Cook udon noodles following packet directions. Make miso soup following packet directions and add spinach, mushrooms and carrot sticks. Cook until veges are tender. Sear salmon fillets for 2 minutes in a hot pan, remove and slice thinly. Combine soup and noodles. Top with salmon, wasabi and sesame seeds.

5. Thai noodle salad

Combine grated carrot with cucumber and courgette ribbons. Add sliced capsicum and cherry tomatoes. Toss with cooked rice noodles. Dress with a mixture of lime or lemon juice, fish sauce, brown sugar and dried chilli flakes and serve topped with strips of cooked salmon or beef.

6. Noodle frittata

Use cooked noodles of your choice instead of potatoes in your favourite frittata recipe. Before cooking noodles chop into short lengths for easier handling.