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What to do with tofu

Unsure what to do with tofu? We help you expand your repertoire.

Tofu (also know as bean curd) is a curd made from soy beans. It originated thousands of years ago in China and is an important protein food in China, Japan and Korea. It's become more and more popular here in New Zealand, and is a great source of iron and calcium.

Tofu comes in different types:

  • Firm: This is sold in blocks and can be cut into chunks and marinated, fried, stir-fried or baked.
  • Silken: This is a soft type of tofu which can be spooned and eaten as is, blended for use in desserts, or used instead of dairy products in recipes.
  • Fried: Pre-cooked tofu chunks can be found in Asian or regular supermarkets. Some of the flavoured versions are delicious and can be used as they are in salads or stir-fries.

Tofu – of all types – is found in the supermarket in the refrigerated section.

Tofu has a reputation as an uninteresting food to eat. But its bland flavour makes it really versatile and means it can work well in a wide variety of dishes.

  • Marinate chunks of firm tofu in tasty marinades – sesame oil, sweet chilli, soy sauce and oyster sauce all work well – and use in stir-fries.
  • Dip chunks of tofu into flour, egg and breadcrumbs and gently fry for a crispy addition to salads.
  • Blend silken tofu with yoghurt and honey for a creamy dessert. Top with your favourite fruit or passionfruit syrup.

Date modified: 3 April 2017
First published: Jun 2007


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