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Which is healthier: fruit toast or a cheese toasted sandwich?

Hippy couple sitting on a ledge outside eating lunch

Crunchy raisin toast or cheesy toasted sandwiches are both convenient lunch options for adults and kids alike. But which one will keep you full for longer and pack the biggest nutrition punch?

Thick raisin toast

A serve is two slices of thick raisin toast buttered with two teaspoons (10g) of reduced-fat spread.

Cheese and tomato toastie

Made with two slices of wholemeal bread, one tomato, 40g of reduced-fat cheddar cheese and two teaspoons (10g) of reduced-fat spread.


Toastie: 1400kJ (340cal) vs raisin toast: 1800kJ (430cal)

The toasted sandwich has 25 per cent less kilojoules/cal than the serve of thick raisin toast. The latter has a higher proportion of carbs.


Toastie: 20.7g vs raisin toast: 11.7g

With almost twice as much muscle-building protein as raisin toast, the toastie triumphs when it comes to keeping pesky hunger pangs at bay.


The toastie provides more calcium and vitamin C and the raisin toast provides B-group vitamins.

The verdict

The cheese and tomato toasted sandwich is lower in kilojoules and higher in protein, calcium and vitamin C than the raisin toast.

The winner?

The cheese and tomato toastie is a well-balanced meal, providing long-lasting energy, satisfying protein and even one serve of veg, along with bone-strengthening calcium and vitamin C to support your immune system. Raisin toast is higher in carbohydrates and lacks that all-important protein, so is best left as an occasional option. Or you could try topping it with cottage cheese and some sliced strawberries, to up the nutrition.


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