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Which is healthier: baby spinach or iceberg lettuce?

Baby spinach and a lettuce

You’ve made friends with salad, but which leafy green base is healthiest? Healthy Food Guide compares two popular choices: iceberg lettuce and baby spinach.

Vitamin C – for a strong immune system

Iceberg lettuce: 2mg

Baby spinach: 11mg

Iron – to transport oxygen

Iceberg lettuce: 0.3g

Baby spinach: 0.8g

Folate – important for mums-to-be

Iceberg lettuce: 12mcg

Baby spinach: 73mcg

Beta carotene – supports eye health

Iceberg lettuce: 58mcg

Baby spinach: 1895mcg

The winner?

Both are deserving of a place in your fridge’s veggie crisper drawer because they both contribute to your five daily serves of veg and are versatile, low-kilojoule/calorie salad additions. However, baby spinach outperforms iceberg lettuce in terms of good-for-you micronutrients.

Delicious ways to use spinach and lettuce

Spiced pilaf with meatballs, currants and baby spinach

Pea, mint and spinach mash

Spinach, feta and haloumi Turkish pide

Spinach, broccoli and pesto open omelette with lemon ricotta

Beef and mushroom stroganoff with garlic spinach and beans

And here are 10 tasty ways with lettuce 

Baby spinach is…

➜ higher in vitamin C
➜ higher in iron
➜ higher in folate
➜ higher in beta carotene

Date modified: 6 December 2021
First published: Sep 2021


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