Your week two meal plan

Your week two meal plan

Welcome to week two of the 30-day Reset program! We hope you enjoyed your first week.

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This week we have some delicious meals planned for you, as well as plenty of inspirational food, health and exercise tips.

One of the biggest misconceptions about healthy eating is that you need to spend hours in the kitchen prepping meals, but it’s just not true! Here at HFG, we love the ‘cook once, eat twice’ mantra. This means cooking a little extra at dinner to pack away and reheat for lunch the next day. It saves precious time in the kitchen, plus you have a delicious, homemade meal to enjoy the next day – that means you save money by not buying lunch. Win-win!

Most of our dinner recipes serve four people, so you can scale the ingredients up or down, depending on how many serves you need. Less time in the kitchen means more time to spend doing things you enjoy – why not use the extra time to step outside for a gentle walk to unwind, or join a local yoga or Pilates class.

While the sun is shining, why not make the most of it?

Click on the image below to open and download the week two meal plan:

We also have a delicious bonus smoothie bowl recipe for you from K-Fibre – click on the image below to open and download it.

And watch this video for some handy preparation tips:


First published: Feb 2021
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